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What happen next?

Well now I can tell that the short film course I have been in is soon finish. Tomorrow is the last day. Its sad, but I can´t help feeling happy that its finally over. Now I can use more time on school…

One of my movies, that I made with Vanessa Christensen, Renée Reif and Andrea Bruland, will soon be send on nrk1! Its so exiting. Some of the posters we made for the movie will also be hanged up all over Oslo! What more can we wish for?

Now Vanessa Christensen, Renée Reif and I have began to think about what the movie to Amandus short film festival should be about. We are thinking something around to be alone. We want to film outside, with few characters and the main role is a girl. Nicholas will help us with the sound this year, so we are happy to say that the short film this year will sound wonderful!

My two competition movies are doing well, I think. Ahlgrens cars movie are going on TV3 now, and soon I will know if I have won anything. I hope I will get on 1. 2. or 3. place. Than I can win 25 000 or a video camera. The Australia film I haven´t heard from yet. It is on “” but they haven´t called me yet, or sent me a mail. But they still have time. As long I get a answer before January 1. exiting exiting, hope I win a trip to Australia, then I can visit my friend Sarah! Long time, no seen. 

Now I almost forgot Omer Bhatti promotion movie. Last night Poonam and I finally was done putting it together. After my opinion its really bad and poorly done, but Poonam likes it. I hope we can make it a little better now before Christmas. I don´t want to think about anything els then family, food and presents this two weeks. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

For my part this week has been great. I have gotten a answer from two schools in England that wanted to give me a place! Kingston University and  University College Falmouth. But in Falmouth I got in to broadcasting and not yet film. I really hope that film want to let me inn in the end. Film is more my thing… But i will take what I get and is happy for everything, England here I come.


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