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Nearly finished…

Its a long time since I last wrote anything here, I have been kind of busy. But from now on I will try to be better to update my blog. Right now I am finishing my latest film “Sweet story”. I just have to get some more Foley sound and get the music sent over from Australia. So tomorrow is the big finishing day. This film is one of the films I am really satisfied with, but its also very personal so its scary to show it to others out there. Still I hope you will like it.

I have also got myself a HD camera to play with, as fast they deliver it in the mail. So I will bring it to Budapest, Hungary this weekend to try it out. Maybe I will make a little film out of it.

I have also started to look after a summer job. Even if its still just to ask when they want me to apply for summer job, I think its important to start early. I am applying to everything that is out there in hope to get a payed job in film this summer. I really need it.

This is all a little bit rushed today, because I have to run out and get some Foley sound as soon as possible. So I will get back to you as soon as the film is done.

Happy new year btw


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