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Festivals and Japan

Ok, last time I told you about my broken hard drive. We tried for a long time to fix it, but its still not fixed. So I bought a new one from Tesco and Im planning to by one more when I can find it again. For now Im just really careful with having backup on the hard drive and the mac. I also have it in some dvds en cds on the side.

The films that disappeared with the first hard drive is now restored, a little bit better after my opinion. And everything is in its order.

So after I restored the films I began to look for film festivals I cud send my film to. I chose to send my film first to Amandus, Tilt kortfilmfestival and NUFF in Norway. They are already on their way. But I have also gotten this new film festival page called where you can find all sorts of film festivals all over the world. I have four more tapes I can send out, so I will find four more festivals on this page. And then Its just to sit down and wait.

We also just got a new project at school. Its called “Personal Narrative” and the project brief say:

Produce a short video with a running time of between two and three minutes including title and credits. The project title is to give you a starting point to help you develop your ideas for a piece of work that relates to something you have knowledge and experience of, and to help you ‘get going’ as quickly as possible, but it is also, as open as you wish to make it. The stylistic approach and areas that you want to experiment with and explore are yours to decide, but should be appropriate to your chosen degree pathway. You must however be aware of the production time you have, and remain realistic about what you can achieve within the time, don’t necessarily copy the formats of ‘mainstream’ moving image production, but try to explore ambitious and different ideas.

The first that fell in to my mined was my trip to Japan. And that is really something I want to work with, so my first pitch sounds like this:

The film is about how you become a man. Every young person has to go true something to feel that they finally are grown up and independent. For some people it is to get a job, move in to their own house, get married, get the driver license and so on. It’s different from person to person. For this character it is to get out of Swansea and clime mount Fuji in Japan. We meet him on his travel, from the day he leave Swansea to the day he arrive mount Fuji.

So now I just have to see if my teachers like it and then I can begin with the script for real.

Thats it for now I think. I will keep you up to date with what is happening in my tiny film world. Bye for now.


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