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Well done

Well, so I do have a idea for the new short film project at school. And I was very happy when the teachers really liked it as well.

My pitch was:

The film is about how you become a man. Every young person has to go true something to feel that they finally are grown up and independent. For some people it is to get a job, move in to their own house, get married, get the driver license and so on. It’s different from person to person. For this character it is to get out of Swansea and clime mount Fuji in Japan. We meet him on his travel, from the day he leave Swansea to the day he arrive mount Fuji.

I haven’t made a script yet, I need to think and do some research first. I have until Japan to finish it, well I also have to make a storyboard, so I do have less time then it sound like.

Well anyway, I will finish it and I have a really good feeling about this film. Wish me luck!


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