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Work experience at Tinopolis

At uni I got the chance to go to work experience at Tinopolis. It is one of UK´s largest independent media producers. It is based in Llanelli, Wales. Here I got the chance to come for three days and observe and learn how a TV production work.

Trinopolis, tv studio

Tinopolis, tv studio


The first day I met up at Tinopolis at 10 in the morning. I got to come to the production meeting, were they went through the plan of the day. That night a old actor had died, so they had to change the plan for the day that morning to place  the story in the show.

Then I got to go with Beth to the Graphic department and see how it work. They are responsible for making all the non film for the show, like titles, headings and so on. They also are responsible to find clips they need from the library to use in the show.

Then I got to go down to the studio to see the live show behind the scenes. First I helped out placing some bags on stands for the shows fashion part and then  I followed one of the camera men round. Standing behind her and looking at them how it works. Seeing the floor manager waving his hands, counting down, listening the deck on their headphones. Everything live at Wedi 3.

Trinopolis, editing suit

Tinopolis, editing suit

The next day I was first suppose to go out with the crew, but they had all left before I came there. So instead I got to hang out in the editing suit. I love editing, always feel really home when I see a film come together on the big screen. The thing is that everything at the show is made in Welsh, so I don´t understand what they are saying, but then again that is not the most important part. At Tinopolis they use Final Cut Pro to edit everything. They usually  just have a half day to finish a 5 min film for the show. This time they made a film about threes dying in Wales. It is really interesting to see someone that know what they are doing working, it go so fast in comparison to how slow I am. I didn´t learn that much new, but I did understand that I have to learn how to work that fast in the future.

Then I got to sit in in the deck where the director is sitting controlling the show. Talking to the crew on the floor and deciding which camera that are filming. When I was there the chef that was on the show messed up and made a fool out of himself live. So he ended up using to long time so they had to take out some parts of the show. So the 5 min film I saw being edited earlier that day ended up not being shown. That much work and then it´s just not ending up on air.

Trinopolis, on location filming

Tinopolis, on location filming

The last day I had to meet up earlier, this time I were going out with the crew to experience filming on location. I was in a crew with a sound man, manager and two camera men, all guys. This time we went  to Cardiff stadium, a rugby match between Wales and England were going to be played there that night, so they wanted the weather to be filmed in front of the stadium. First I got to see them film a short film with the weather man talking to the camera to be sent to the tv station. Then they used a big car to send the film over to the tv studio via satellite. Very cool.

Then I went away to a pub in cardiff to film some cut in shots for the monday program. Later another crew would go and interview the manager of the place.

In the end we filmed a live feed in front of the stadium. I got to wear headphones so I cud hear what the studio were telling them to do. Countdowns and stuff like that. Very strange to hear the show and then see a part of it being filmed, knowing it were showing on TV at that moment, very fun. Most of the day was filled with waiting for the right time to film, persons that were missing or agreements that still were being worked out. But, it was a nice end of my three days work experience.

Tinopolis was fun and exhausting. The people were lovely and they helped me get a good look in to how a television station work. I don´t think I would mind working in a TV station later in my life, not at all.


7 comments on “Work experience at Tinopolis

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  2. joe G

    Your videos are awesome, makes me miss Norway!

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  4. Briony Phillips

    Hi, I too have been offered a 3day work experience placement at Tinopolis for this coming March. I am currently a media student at Cardiff University so I am keen to experiene the media world. I found your blog really helpful as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at this placement, but now I’m really looking forward to it!

    Have you had any other relevant work experience placements? Any advice on employees you enjoyed visiting would be greatly appricated, as I want to gain as much experience as possible!

    Briony 🙂 x

  5. sirisau

    Im glad you found my post helpful and congratulation on the work experience! You going to have a great time. This was the first time I had the opportunity to do something like this. So I am afraid I have no other tips to you on the matter. But If I get the chance again I will put up a blog post about it 😉

  6. Claidoa

    Just found this blog cos i’m intresred in working in a tv or film studio. Do you know if they still do work experience and do they do english language programmes?

  7. Siri Saugstad

    No I don´t know if they still do work experience. I got this one through my university and it was only for 3 days. I would imagine that you would like something a bit more long term? But do contact them to see if they have anything that would suit your wishes! I am sure you can find their homepage online easily.

    Good luck!

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