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The winner of Screentest NSFF is….

"End of story" with Dave Brett

"End of story" with Dave Brett

Then the weekend of Screentest National Student Film Festival 2011 in London finally arrived, it was held at London South Bank University right by Elephant and Castle. I had fixed tickets for the whole weekend, even if you are nominated you have to pay, something I think is really bad. Anyway, the first day it wasn´t that much up, but Christer and I met up to get some information and a program. The next day we also managed to come to late to screening of “Every me”, not my fault (hint hint Christer). But I got to see “End of story” screened. That was good since “End of story” is not nominated, just screened at the festival in the experimental category.

It was a possibility to go to a couple of lectures and so on, but we managed to miss the lot and in the end we just ran to the award ceremony. The ceremony was held in the universities student unions building. It was a big room with a bar on the side. We got free candy and water, woho!

Best music video 2011

Best music video 2011

155 student films was sent in to the festival, out of them 115 was screened at the festival that weekend and just 40 of those were nominated, 5 in each of the 12 categories. “End of story” were one of the 115 that was screened under the festival, “Every me” were one of 40 that was nominated.

Then the award ceremony started and these are the winners of Screentest National Student Film Festival 2011:

So in the end I can´t say anything else then it was absolute a god idea to go to the festival. Later I hope to go to many more.

You can see some more film festivals if you press here.

Thank you for today!


2 comments on “The winner of Screentest NSFF is….

  1. Craig Campbell

    Hello! A vimeo link for Amber’s film is here in 1080p

  2. sirisau

    Thank you, i´l link it right away 🙂

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