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Hangout Hotel

The summer is coming to an end. Students are making themselves ready for a new year at school. And I am looking back at an amazing summer before returning to Swansea Metropolitan University for my last year.

This summer I lived in Singapore in 4 months with my boyfriend. We lived in a tiny room, with no kitchen and shared living room and bathroom with a bunch of other people we don´t know. But the place was in the center of Singapore and thats what we wanted.

Living in Singapore we grabbed a lot of travel opportunities and went on a visit to Bintan in Indonesia, Malacca, Johor and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Kutching in Borneo. In under two weeks we are going on our last trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia! Visiting 5 countries in one summer is not bad.

In Singapore I got loads of time to get ahead with my uni work. But I also used a lot of time on editing Australia for Young World, you can now see the episodes here: I am also working on new episodes about our stay in Singapore with Dave. I have also made a couple of short films here; “tiny” my first attempt on tilt shift and “Secret Pleasures” were I used Magic Bullet for the first time.

I also worked at Totally Hot Stuff every weekend for a bit over a month. The cutest little lifestyle store with so much fun stuff. Christmas presents sorted!

A bit more interesting job I had was making a promotion vide for Hangout Hotel in Singapore and Malaysia. I worked on these films with Dave and together we made 10 different versions. It is always exiting to work for a client, but It is also time consuming. I got three other request while I was working on the Hangout video, but at the time I was done with Hangout hotel I had to little time left in Singapore to be able to take any new projects up. To bad, but it is fun to see that people is interesting in working with me.

So here is the final Hangout video, enjoy it. And for those who still have summer vacation, enjoy your last days of, I know I will.


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