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Merry Christmas

Then first term of my last year at Swansea Metropolitan University is over. Tomorrow I am heading back to Norway for Christmas! It have been a busy half year, but also very rewarding.

This week I finally finished filming for my new music video in cooperation with song writer Thortrillion Wilhelm Tomsborg. This is one of two films I will make for my graduation. It is all filmed in studio. This time I was so lucky to get a more professional actor, Sarah Louise Madison, to play in my film. Something that lifted the film to new heights. The clothe store New Look was also so nice to borrow me clothes for all the costumes, making everything fall in to place.

Of course everything did not go as planned. The first day the set was not as I thought it would be, so we had to change a lot of the original idea in a very short time. Then on the end of the day my partner had to leave the project because some new UNI work came in the way, leaving me alone with the film. Thank good I managed to find someone to help me with the rest of the shoot and in the end it looked great! So well done everyone that contributed!

So now it is vacation time, in the sense of working in Norway instead of Wales. This Christmas I am re editing my short film “Sumoun” in to a music video for the Brazilian band “Tereza” from Rio de Janeiro! Exiting! Hopefully this film will be a big hit in Brazil.

I am also working on more films from Singapore for my travel blog Young World, as well as filming more in Norway for later episodes.

And uni never ends. I hope to finish editing the music video, start pre production for my short film for next year and get further on my dissertation. So I can arrive in Swansea ready and prepared next year.

On top of all of this I am also starting to apply for work for my easter break that hopefully will give me some contact and experience making it easier to get work when I finish UNI this summer. So if anyone know any available jobs within film or TV, let me know!

Wish me luck! This will be one busy Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


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