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The last hand in

On Friday I handed in my last university work: 3 visual diaries, 2 films, 1 exhibition DVD showreel, 1 5 min showreel, CV, cover letter, business cards, 10 DVDs with MXF files,  2 DVDs with Avid project files, 10 still images, list over professional contacts, film festivals and job applications and 3 module evaluation forms. The last major hand in at university. After this the only thing we have to work with is the final exhibition, but this is not graded.

After handing in I thought I would feel an burden lifting from my shoulders, that all the stress and worries would disappear and  that I would feel that I got my life back. The same feeling you get after finishing a exam in high school…    That didn´t happen, in stead I felt like I had lost something. I felt like I just got fired for my favourite job and that I now was thrown in to a uncertain future. I felt the post university blues arrive and my one question was and is; what now?

I am not the only one that feel this way. Loads of my friend soon started to share their fears as well and the begging for a job and a future soon filled my facebook, my thoughts and my talks. Teachers warn you about this, they try to prepare you with CV workshops, pretend interviews and job websites. But you don´t realise how hard it hit before it happens. And it is not strange considering that the university life is the only life you have known for the last three years.

Still, no matter what the future have to bring I am sure it is going to be fine in the end. Anyway I will always have 3 wonderful years at university to look back at. I feel that I really have done everything I can and have really managed to get the best out of the university experience. If you want to take a look at some of my best work these last three years have a look at my new Showreel, hope you enjoy it! And btw, if you know about an available job within TV or film, let me know 😉

If you really want to help me with my post university blues, you cud do me a small favour. If you remember I posted for a while back a post about a competition called See the World with Spar I have entered. In 5 days on Friday the 18th of May the competition ends and I need all the point I can get to win the job as a travel reporter for Spar!

To help me do these things:

1. Go in to and go down to me on 6th place (Siri Saugstad). See my film.

2. Vote for me on facebook. (the tumb up under the film)

3. Vote for me on twitter. (the bird under the film)

4. Go in yo my YouTube video watch it, like it, share it and comment on it.

5. Go in to, go to the bottom of the page to “Send bonuspoeng til din favoritt deltager” Press “Neste” and press on the green 500 beside my name Siri Saugstad.

Do one or all of these steps and help me win so I can see the world with Spar. Thank you so much for your help and get as many as possible of your friends to do it. I need your help to get my dream job!


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