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The Future

I need to figure out what I want to do with my life, I need a new goal. I know that I want to work with film and TV, but that in itself is a very wide goal, that I know have fulfilled with the job in NRK Østlandssendingen. But what do I want to work with within TV and film?

I like to write scripts, produce, direct, film and edit. I also have a soft spot for costume and sett even if I don´t have that much experience in that field. This is not few fields to go in to. Script I can always just do for myself, I don´t really think I will ever work with it professional. If I want to be producer I would imagine I need more education within it, right? And directing, my first original dream, but also one I don´t know if I am cut out to do anymore. Maybe this is something I can come back to later when I have more experience within film and TV. Film and edit are probably the two parts I feel most fit to do at the moment. I know how it work and I know what to do and I have all the experience and education to do it, but do I really want to do that for the rest of my life? Or do I need something more creative and challenging?

So far I have kind of taken everything I can get. The good thing with such wide experience is that I can make films almost all by myself. Witch open some doors. It also means that I don´t have a specialty like a lot of others, this close other doors.

I am still working with the music video for The Heavy Empty, mostly it is now in the capable hands of Christer Egon Eckermann for post production, and I am waiting for the results that I am sure will be great!

My training at NRK is now done, so on Thursday and Friday I will start my two first proper work days. Really looking for to it, hope to get as much time there as possible in the future.

I have said yes to film some more films for Discover the World. They will come back to me with the specific days and trips as soon as they can. But Morocco and China have been mentioned.

I am also working on a project for Rolvsrud kindergarden and Troll Rally a motorcycle gathering I was at a week or so ago.

So even if I know I need to find a new goal in my career, I still have some stuff going on! And I love it, I hope I never get bored of working with film and TV.


One comment on “The Future

  1. I think you have achieved great things and you don’t need to push yourself more. After all you have spent the past 3 years doing this at university so maybe its natural to keep pushing and improving with greater challenges. I think your cut out to be a director now, you just need to tell yourself this. Yes its allot of work and maybe thats the challenging part but you can do it for sure, Ive seen you work in this role really well. I think you can have a break now for this year and think about projects for next year/future. NRK for now and ideas/projects for the future. your still very young and able to do this. Plus I think your amazing :D. Nothing wrong with mapping out and planning your future. goals for every year till 2020 for example and then lay it all out and go from task to task

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